I Want To Be Loved – Muddy Waters


Pubblicata per la prima volta nel 1953 con Little Walter all’armonica, questa riedizione di I Want To Be Loved fa parte dell’album “Hard Again” di Muddy Waters, con James Cotton all’armonica.

Il brano è in DO (C) suonato in prima posizione con un’armonica in C (C).


“I Want To Be Loved”

Scritta da Willie Dixon, suonata da Muddy Waters con James Cotton all’armonica

Pubblicata nel Gennaio 1977 –  Blue Sky – PZ 34449



The spark in your eye sets my, soul on fire,
Your voice is like a, angel above
The touch of your hand woman, drives me insane,
But baby, I want’s to be loved

I’m crazy ’bout every little, thing you do,
I even, cherish your hug
Your kisses so sweet honey they, can’t be beat,
But baby I want’s to be loved

Every time I ask ya, for a date,
You don’t come at all or your, oh so late
I ask you to dance a, little spin,
You said wait a minute daddy, here come my friend

I love the way you walk when you, pass me by,
Even when you, tryin’ to snub
The touch of your hand honey, drives me insane,
But baby I want’s to be loved