All These Blues – Paul Butterfield


All These Blues è uscita come parte di “East West” album storico della Paul Butterfield Blues Band, un traditional rivistato e pubblicato dalla Elektra Records.

Il brano è in LA (A) e suonato in seconda posizione con un’armonica in RE (D)


“All These Blues”

Traditional – suonata da Paul Butterfield Blues Band

Pubblicata nell’Agosto 1966 – Elektra Records EKS 7315 in stereo, EKL 315 in mono



When you have these blues and there’s someone you’re about to lose
There’ll be a time, when you can sleep at night
She won’t believe in you, if you don’t treat her right

I said everyday, when the sun is almost down
You’ll remember when your baby left this town
And you’ll feel like cryin’ when you get these kind of blues

I said everyday about five
You’ll hang your head and cry
Cause that’s the time your baby
Said goodbye

And you’ll wonder to put your travelling shoes on
Some people were born to lose
That’s why lovers have the blues